Out There (Whuteva & Leon Lacey)

Whuteva collaborates with the multi-talented Leon Lacey to present a timeless musical composition dedicated to spreading the gospel, and getting the name (Jesus) "Out There".

SeVeN (the E.P.)

7 songs, the number of completion. This project comes from a sincere place of reflection. Starting with "The Hangover", an eire hypnotic song about a hangover (prod by Grammy Award winning producer Flip Colson), to the hard-hitting lead single "I Got U" (produced by Marv 4 Mo Beats, video by Supa J Roko), there is a nice combination of sounds and smooth transitions.  "Cross Movement" is a Christian Hip Hop anthem, while  "More" comes from a place of vulnerability.

Can't forget the ladies! "Virtuous" is reminiscent of a New York City summer park jam. The E.P. concludes with "G Rap" and "Se7eN" produced by Whuteva's long time partner in crime Grammy-Award winning super-producer Rockwilder. G Rap, which stands for Gospel Rap is almost oxymoronic as the track has a gothic feel (video by Supa J Roko), and the title track, with intro based on the movie Seven, completes the project provoking self reflection and the current state of the world.

 For only 7 songs, there is something for on this platter for everyone! Check it out for yourself on iTunes.