2016- Allison Williams f/ WHUTEVA “Happy Holidays” (single)
2014- Seven (E.P.)
2012- Luvv To Dance (song: “1,2 Many” f/ Ren Patrick)
2008- Rockwilder presents… Blue Octane (8 songs written and performed)
2006- “Battlegroundz” f/ J. Bless
2006- Highway 2 Heaven (album)
2002- Who is Whuteva? (mixtape)
2002- Friday After Next soundtrack (song: “Mardi Gras”)
2002- Muzic Park Seasons Pass (mixtape) Muzic Park Records
2001- Ole Dirty Bastard “Dirty” and “In The Building” (unreleased) Roc-A-Fella Records
1999- “The Mission” Who’s Got The Gravy- Digital Underground
1997- Red Alert presents… “Move It In, Move It Out”- Derelect Camp
1996- “Move It In, Move It Out” (single) Derelect Camp